You will be in control of your mindset, your focus your decisions and therefore, your reality.


The truth is, you are one decision away from changing the entire course of your life... stop putting it off! 


When you stop mentally growing, you're dying!

It's not the end of the race that gets us excited, its the process of training and growing and running that drives us.  Change makes us feel like something incredible is about to happen... because it is.

Have you been giving any thought to what you’ve accomplished so far in 2018? Has it been what you expected? Are you disappointed or thrilled about how far you’ve come?

Do you have this nagging feeling that there is more–more to do, more to accomplish, more to make of this year, of your life?

Don’t ignore that feeling.

Do you know why I’m begging you to pay attention? Because disappointment and regret are wasted emotions, and I don’t want you to go down that path when it could be avoided. Those feelings don’t serve you or your dreams, goals and desires well. In fact, all they do is add frustration to your life. Who has time for that? 

Instead of dwelling on what didn’t go right in 2017 (or–let’s be real–dwelling on what went wrong long before 2017), LET IT GO and join the #30DaySwich.  

Do you know that it takes 6-8 seconds to talk yourself out of doing something you know you should do for yourself?  It's because once you think about what the work load will be like, you convince your brain that it will cause more pain rather than pleasure.  And our brains are designed to keep us out of pain and move towards please.   Even though we all know that is not true.  So take this 30 day program for example, you know in your gut you should do it, but you will start making excuses like, "its too much money", or "I won't have the time", or, "I never stick to anything so why start now?", trust me, your brain can think of a million reason not to... but something else you will learn in this program is how to ask your brain better questions.  Such as, "Are there changes I want to make in my life?", "what are all of the things I could do in 30 days if I change my mindset?"  You will learn start to finish how to control your thinking which then controls your life.  You will learn how to change your focus, master your questions, and take idea to action and eliminate hesitation, what you may be feeling right now- which is why you are stuck in your life!

Is it finding the right relationship for yourself you want?  OR maybe finding the strength to leave one that is harming you?  Looking for a career?  To grow your finances?  Master your health?  Maybe it's tossing out all of the dieting and exercising and focus on your MIND to lose the weight you want to lose.  Whatever it is... If you are dissatisfied with how things are now, act NOW. 

What’s waiting going to do? It’s like waiting until Monday to start a weight loss or fitness program. You know darn well that waiting is some BS excuse so you can live with your bad habits just a little bit longer. I know that’s the truth because I have done that too many times to count.

Let’s collectively refuse to spend the rest of 2018 planning, planning, planning–without ever ACTING. That is not productive at all, and I know you want productive. You want to feel like you are actually making moves in life. It’s what we all want.

So let’s do this. Let’s join hands across the country  to support one another and make a shift where a shift is needed. Let’s help each other out as we move to a different place, a different belief about what we can do, and a different way of thinking and being.

Don’t you deserve that much? I know I do, and I want to bring as many people on this journey with me as I can. If you are truly sick and tired of feeling like there’s got to be more and you just keep wondering what that more is, this is for you.

I want to you to believe there is more with every fiber of your being and go after it.



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